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A Successful Project is a Project That
Meets Its Objectives

What is it like to work with Crossroads?

Crossroads knows that every complex project has its own unique objectives driven by unique requirements. By partnering with you, we help you identify the requirements that will ultimately help you achieve your objectives, and then we build a custom solution to satisfy those requirements. Our process is summed up in our four-point Success Plan

Define Strategy

We work with you to create a strategic plan for a successful project, defined as one that achieves your objectives for time, quality, and price. Every project has different goals and requires a unique strategy. What are the relevant characteristics of your project that will define the quality, the price, the deadlines? Our consultative approach helps you identify the key inputs and design a strategy that achieves success.

Build Custom Team

Our Project Managers build a customized translation team tailored to the specific needs of your project, as defined by your strategic project plan. We don’t use generic “pool” translators, but rather hand-picked subject matter experts only. Once the translator profile is defined, the team is built through recruitment, testing, and training.

All translators will be native-language, professional, subject-matter-expert translators. The translation team will be organized into Team Translators who perform the first pass translations, managed by Supervising Editors who edit the work of the Team Translators and ensure the quality plan is being followed. Supervising Editors also act as language and cultural ambassadors for the Project Manager, helping the PM build and manage the team.

Implement Quality Plan

Quality doesn’t happen by accident. It is the result of a well-defined, correctly-followed strategy. Every Crossroads project is governed by the Crossroads Quality Process:

  • Project Managers and Supervising Editors create the project’s language assets, including a technical glossary of terms, a writing style guide, and a translation memory to capture all translations for future use.
  • The team is organized into cell structures of one Supervising Editor editing the work of several Team Translators
  • Translators are trained by the Supervising Editors on the writing style guide, the language assets, and the internal processes.
  • The Project Manager establishes a customer review process, including acceptance criteria, that your team will use to accept translations.
  • The Project Manager communicates the project’s Quality Investigation process, by which you can identify potential issues and have immediate and documented resolution.
  • The Project Manager establishes a question-answer process by which the translation team can pose questions to your team for you to answer on your own schedule, with all questions and answers documented for all to review.

Comprehensive Management

Our Project Managers partner with you to release you from you as much of the translation process as possible. Your deadlines and workload are challenging enough without also having to manage translators. Let us take this on so that you and your team can focus on your mission. We obtain the source text, manage the assets, translate, manage the review process with your identified reviewers, format translation for final use (e.g. eLearning, web content, SaaS, print, etc., including recreating diagrams with text), and we check the final product again once it is “live” in its final state.

Let’s work together

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