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Post-Edited Machine Translation

Crossroads can significantly reduce your translation spend
through computer + human integrated translation.
We follow a dedicated process that uses
the best of machine translation combined with native language editors
to produce fast, inexpensive yet accurate results.
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Machine translation (“MT”) is now so good for general content in popular language combinations that a human can fix computer translations in a fraction of the time it would have taken them to translate it from scratch. This is called “Post-Edited Machine Translation”, or PEMT, and in a fast-growing number of scenarios it’s as good as, yet much cheaper than, an old-style translation. It’s perfect for online retail, M&A due diligence, discovery, blogs, online help, and more.

In our PEMT process, a computer translates the entire text as a starting point that can be surprisingly good depending on the languages and subject matter. A team of skilled professional translators then edits each machine-translated sentence, correcting errors and improving readability. PEMT can employ heavy editing, resulting in great translations, or light editing, resulting in “good enough” translations. The price is proportional to editing time, but it’s always less than a traditional translation.

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