Cross-Border M&A Diligence Translation

Crossroads specializes in translation of VDR content
for cross-border M&A due diligence.
We follow a dedicated process
that delivers the quality and speed you require
at the most efficient price.
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Foreign language diligence documents represent a significant but controllable risk for cross-border M&A deals. Translation delay is frequently not considered when planning a deal. We can help you make up time using large teams and technology.

Additionally, often cross-border M&A budgets fail to consider the cost of translation, which can result in last-minute sticker shock and general panic. Consider, as a guideline, a high-quality translation of 500 documents with an average of ten standard pages of text per document can cost more than $200k. We can help you translate your VDR at a fraction of that cost through planning, technology and process.

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